A Few close up!

Some of them have been grown on with a view to using them as brood fish in the future, so we took quite a few out and moved them to another tank. Yesterday, Sue Ravenhill visited us and we spent the afternoon taking out those koi which we plan to sell.

We still haven’t finished doing this yet as it involved taking pictures, which is quite time consuming, but we did take a few nice pics, you might recognise a couple of them.

This is a favourite of mine, an Inazuma Kohaku. She’s appeared in quite a few forum posts and magazines and is now 54 cm.


Here’s another one which needs no introduction. This has to be one of the most unique koi you are ever likely to see and at 50 cm not a bad size either.

Cha Utsuri

This young lady is a real stunner, now at 51 cm.


There’s just something I’ve always liked about this Sanke. She has a big fish pattern with great skin quality and at 49 cm is still improving.


This Showa has a really striking head pattern. Lots of sumi for those that prefer a darker Showa and at 41 cm is developing nicely.


Here’s another female Kohaku which is 49 cm and still improving.


Just a few of the koi that we have enjoyed watching grow over the last few seasons. I’ll be sad to see them go as they are so familiar to us now but I know that we’ve got some more beauties to keep our eye on as the years go by.