About The Farm

We now had to develop our farm. We were no longer able to use the original fish house so we had to construct new holding facilities, for koi fresh from the mud ponds, and also breeding facilities.

The start of the construction of our sales area and holding facility

After completion

In order that Mark could concentrate on the farm full time, I set up  my own company doing business to business telemarketing for IT companies, working from our office at home, this supported us for the next couple of years.

We started trading as Cuttlebrook Koi Farm in March 2001 and have had to make do with the facilities that we had, each year adding to and improving them. With no investor and a determination not to borrow money from the bank to finance the development of the business, the farm has had to pay for itself right from the start. In 2002 it was making enough money for me to stop running my telemarketing business and to concentrate full time on the farm. Early in 2005 we finally completed our spawning facilities and for the first time we were able to breed enough koi in one hit to fill all the nursery ponds in one go.

Spawning Continues






Koi Spawning                                                                                                                                                                             Our five spawning tanks

By the end of 2006 we had completed three  fully insulated and heated buildings – our Quarantine House where we quarantine new brood stock, our Tosai House where we grow our best tosai, or one year old fish, during their first winter, and our Nisai House where we take our Nisai or two year old fish, over the winter.

Quarantine House and Nisai House to the rear