About The Farm

The koi we breed from originate from well known Japanese breeders including Omosako, Matsue, Momotaro and a number of other notable breeders. All are chosen on the basis of their suitability as a parent fish and qualities such as body shape, skin quality etc are uppermost in their selection.

We have steadily increased the production of our nursery ponds from harvests of just 5-20,000 fry at 1 inch over the years to now where we harvest between 20 – 50,000 fry per pond.  The more koi you have to select through at 1 inch, the greater the chance of finding the high grade fish that would otherwise not have survived.  We are now keeping less per harvest which means the quality of our koi rises even further.

Each year the quality of the Koi we produce increases and our customers buy from us because they know that the fish they get are healthy, and as good in quality as many of the fish currently being shipped from Japan.  It is our aim to continue to improve the quality of our fish every year and Koi bought from us have already won  many prizes in shows around the country competing against Japanese bred koi. The judges of the British Koi Keepers Society are renowned world wide for their high standards and we are honoured that time and again they have judged our fish worthy of many notable awards.

British Koi Keepers’ Society National Koi Show 2010 – Baby Champion


East Midlands Koi Club Winter Koi Show 2010- Baby Champion