About The Farm

Our aim has always been to breed Koi of the highest quality but our emphasis has to be on the health and welfare of our fish first and foremost. We have developed a way of working based on our experiences over the years, we do not buy fish in to grow on and sell under our own name and we do not send our fish off site to be grown on elsewhere. Recent and increasing concerns over disease issues in the Koi industry have led us to conclude that sending fish off site to be grown on would introduce an unnecessary element of risk of bringing disease onto our farm once the fish returned to us.

Our site now consists of two polytunnels, one for sales of Cuttlebrook Koi and the second a dedicated breeding facility where our parent fish and spawning tanks are located, and four insulated buildings. The first is a quarantine facility, the second is our Tosai House, where each year we overwinter¬†the Koi that we have bred during that summer at around 23 degrees, our Nisai House, where we grow on Koi that we have bred into their second year, and our newest building, our Marisa Fish House, which is designed as a quarantine building primarily for Koi that are imported from Japan to be sold through Marisa Koi Farm. We also have nine mud ponds which are designed as nursery ponds for growing on fry over the summer. We don’t put Japanese imported Koi into Cuttlebrook Koi sales tanks and we don’t grow on Japanese imported Koi alongside our Cuttlebrook bred Koi either. We are very proud of our Cuttlebrook bred Koi and it’s important to us that there is a clear distinction between the fish that we breed and those imported from Japan.

Spawning tanks


In 2008 we replaced our “shed” home with our permanent home which is where we live now.

 Our home Р2017


In March 2017 we were contacted by the journalist Kevin Pilley who, having read our story, wanted to write an article about us. The article appeared in the Sunday Telegraph!


Who knows what will happen next on the farm but one thing that I have learned is that whatever it is, it won’t be boring!