Over the years we have written a great many articles for various publications.  Below are links to a number of them which you are welcome to share, as a link, on your own website or Facebook page. (You may not copy the information contained in the articles or cut and paste any part of it without permission).

Before you start keeping Koi there are a few things you should know – The basic requirements for keeeping Koi

We are often asked what filtration we use on the farm – Cuttlebrook Filtration

How to go about choosing your new Koi – Choosing Koi

How to tell the sex of a Koi – Male or female – how can you tell and does it matter? 

Should you be quarantining your new Koi and what does that mean anyway? – To Quarantine or Not to Quarantine?

Quarantine – An Indepth Look

What is the best way to catch and handle your Koi and when is it OK to do so?  When and how to handle Koi

Small Koi under a year old sometimes take a little time to adjust to a new home. Here’s how you can help. Caring for your new baby Koi

Too much nitrite in a pond can be a killer. How does it get there and what can you do about it? Understanding Nitrite

Salt is one of the best and least harmful treatments around. But what does it do? When and how to use salt

Aeration – do you have too much or too little? – Aeration

Should you be heating your Koi pond? To Heat or not to Heat

Hard or Soft Water – which is best for Koi?

Want to know about breeding and rasing koi fry?  – Breeding Koi – Indepth

Top Ten Tips for Breeding Koi

Tips for raising koi fry – Raising Koi Fry

Choosing which Koi fry to grow on – First Selection

Choosing which 2-3 inch Koi to grow on – Second Selection

So you want to be a Koi farmer? – A career in Koi Breeding

Tosai Harvest 2007

Autumn Harvest 2008

Autumn Harvest

Mark’s Japan Trip 2011 – part one

Mark’s Japan Trip 2011 – part two