Autumn Harvest Has begun!

Bob Hart and Kayoss came to give us a hand and everything went very smoothly. With more people helping it meant that I was free to take lots of pictures. 🙂

The koi from this pond are mostly Sansai (having now reached the end of their third summer) and faster growing Nisai (at the end of their second summer and bred last year).

There are about 163 koi in this pond and we got out 120 on Sunday and another 14 yesterday when we dragged the net through again. About another 30 who have managed to avoid or jump over the net so far will be coming out probably tomorrow when we have drained the pond down. After we have got all the koi out of this pond we will choose just a few to grow on over the winter and the rest will be available for sale. We won’t have room in our sales tanks for all of those that we aren’t growing on, so some of them will go back into the pond, after we have refilled it and will be harvested again in the Spring next year.

Thanks to Bob Hart and Kayoss for giving us a hand and helping things to go so smoothly and a special thanks to Daisy who came up trumps with some cookies this time! 😀

Here are a few pictures of some of the koi that came out.