Autumn Harvest Pictures

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to lend a hand and share in the excitement of the day. Gazza, Bob Hart and Kayoss all helped out dragging the net through the ponds and helping to move the fish and Ronin was tasked with lifting our precious koi into the transport tank.

Daisy kept track of just how many fish came out of the pond for us as we were all too hopeless to keep count. Sukoi and Colin were there to lend a hand and I know that Sue took loads of pictures which I can’t wait to see! We had Ian from Thame helping to move fish and Gerry joined us in the afternoon too to lend a hand. Chris and Sandie from KoiCarp Magazine spent the day with us taking lots of photographs. Julia (Myles’s wife) was an absolute superstar and despite my protests took care of afternoon tea and all the washing up after our delicious lunch, bearing in mind that I’m supposed to be resting at the moment!

My contribution was limited to taking pictures and operating the video camera which actually involved me standing up and walking about most of the day anyway (boy, did I pay for it later) Mark Griffiths (who works for us) did a sterling job as usual and Adam Crisp, our Saturday guy, came along just for fun and to lend a hand in the afternoon too.

Here are a few pics of some of the guys in action but mostly of the fish as they emerged.


We just did one drag of each pond and the harvest rate was pretty good both times. We will catch the escapees later this week when we drain the ponds down.

There are still some absolute stunners in there!