BKKS National 2009

We don’t have a stand at the show but like to go along to meet up with friends and enjoy looking at other people’s fish for a change. It’s a real buzz when someone who has bought a Koi from us wins a prize too!

Sue (Sukoi) and Colin Ravenhill did well and came away with another clutch of awards for their Koi. Those that they bought from us did well and won

  • 1st Utsurimono size two (Shiro Utsuri)
  • 1st Bekko size two (Shiro Bekko)
  • 2nd Kawarimono size five (Ginrin Chagoi)

Sue’s Shiro Utsuri got third in size one last year so that means that it has improved in her care which is great. Does that mean you are on your way to getting a Koi Keepers’s badge then Sue?? In fact, Sue’s Chagoi that she bought from us way back in 2005 was looking so good it got 2nd in size five Kawarimono which was excellent news!

Dave Pope came down a few months ago and picked out a stunning little Showa that we bred last year and got not just 1st Showa in size one but 1st overall size one! That’s runner up to Baby Champ which is fantastic. He also got 2nd Utsurimono size one with a tosai from last year.

Dave Newton visited us in early Spring and picked out a Shiro Utsuri that was awarded 1st Utsurimono size three and Best Overall size Three. That’s runner up to Young Champion so another great result. He also got 3rd Utsurimono size 2 with a Shiro Utsuri that he bought from us last year that did well in last year’s National. He was also planning to take a stunning Tancho Kohaku that he took to the show and did well with last year and a beautiful Goromo but discovered a few days before the show that they had spawned in his pond and been damaged in the process – nothing serious but enough to rule them out at the show. That’s Koi for you!

Thank you to everyone who has taken a Koi bought from us to a show. It means a lot to us because the Koi are being judged entirely on their own merits and against some stiff Japanese competition, so when they win awards it demonstrates that we have done a good job and when fish we have bred win lots of awards it means that we are consistently producing good quality Koi. Beyond that, credit has to go to their owners who go to great lengths to care for their Koi and do their best to ensure that they provide the perfect environment for their fish to flourish and where possible improve.

Thank you and congratulations!