Busy, Busy, Busy

Peter is 17 and at a local college and decided he would like to do his two weeks work experience with us because keeping koi is his hobby and we are fairly local to him. He has proved to be very hard working and has fitted in well.

This afternoon Mark drove to Heathrow to collect another student who has travelled from France and who is going to be working with us for three weeks. Fabien is studying fish farming but has never worked with Koi before so this will be a totally new experience for him. (Fabien speaks some English and fortunately Mark’s spoken French is quite good.) In another couple of week’s time, we also have two students from the local secondary school on a week’s work experience. One of them visited us yesterday for a look round and it turns out he is a keen koi keeper and has already built his own pond.

Tomorrow we start harvesting fry for first selection so Peter and Fabien are in for a bit of a treat. Fry production has been very good this year and the weather has proved very good – just the right temperature for good growth rates and the ponds have matured at a steady rate. There are lots of daphnia in all the ponds and several times we have seen “bait balls” of daphnia with the koi darting in and out eating as much as they can. In the growing on ponds the daphnia is like a blizzard and all the koi have to do if they want to eat is breath!

In the middle of all this activity our house build is going well. Mark wasn’t supposed to be too involved in it, basically because we knew he wouldn’t have the time to be. It’s his baby though and he just can’t help himself! Last week our main builder, who is doing much of the day to day project management, was unable to work because he injured his leg. Mark had to take over and has done lots of running around and sorting stuff out.

Luckily for us we have Justin, Bomber and Gary on the case and Mark has been able to benefit from their experience and advice. The guys are doing a great job and the walls are flying up.

This coming week we will be flat out culling right up until the weekend when we will be having a much needed break at the National. Can’t wait!