New tanks in the tosai house

All laid out
When we first built the tosai house back in 2006 we got it up and running with some temporary tanks that were basically a sheet of steel that formed the walls of the tanks, and a liner. Once filled, the water kept the sides of the tank rigid. They were a great way to get us going without too much expense but this year we decided to replace them all – prompted, it must be said, ...
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Autumn harvest day

(There are a limited number of spaces available so if you want to come along, please let me know sooner rather than later.)If you want to reserve your place you can email me at and if you need directions, let me know where you are travelling from and I will email you some by return.We look forward to seeing you at the end of September!Lisa
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Yamatonishiki second harvest

Yamatonishiki after harvest
It was mostly Yamatonishiki in this pond but since first selection was carried out we have added some Shiro Utsuri and Sanke to it too that were of a similar size. Quite an interesting mix of Koi to select through!Here they are in the net in the pond before being put into the transport tank.This is a close up of them in the transport tank before second selection has taken place...
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We’ve been busy for the last few weeks

10.00 am
A comfortable fry harvest for a nursery pond of the size that we have is about 30,000 but most of our ponds have produced much more this year. That’s great in so much as the better survival rate of fry, the more choice we have, the harder we can select down and the higher the quality that we keep to grow on, but the down side of it is that it makes managing the pond a much hard...
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Pond 3 Summer Harvest

Cha Ochiba
Some of them are really growing well and so it was an opportunity to transfer the biggest ones into No4 pond with the older Koi and we also took out just over 100 to go into the sales tanks. We'd actually put about 100 more into No3 pond than we had the previous year, so still more than enough Koi for the Autumn Harvest and beyond.As it happened, the day we decided to carry out...
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Yamatonishiki Harvest

Netting a mud pond
We had a couple of friends join us for selection one of whom was Herbie although I didn't get any pics of Herbie in action unfortunately.The regulars to Koi Quest will have seen pictures like this in years gone by but I thought I’d do some new ones for the benefit of those that haven’t seen it all before.We dragged the net through at about 8.30 am (this is actually the second t...
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Spawning and Harvesting on the same day

We also harvested another pond of Shiro Utsuri today and I should really be sat selecting through them right now but as I am aware that I haven't posted much lately I thought I'd do a quick update for you.Last week we harvested Shiro Utsuri and selected through 46,000 fry in two days. This is the same pond that we harvested a couple of weeks ago and took 32,500 fry out of. Ther...
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BKKS National 2009

We don’t have a stand at the show but like to go along to meet up with friends and enjoy looking at other people’s fish for a change. It’s a real buzz when someone who has bought a Koi from us wins a prize too!Sue (Sukoi) and Colin Ravenhill did well and came away with another clutch of awards for their Koi. Those that they bought from us did well and won1st Utsurimono size two...
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First fry pond harvested

We decided to do a quick harvest to thin them down and even though it was a really rough net, it looked like there were about 20,000 fry in the transport tank when we'd finished.Dan, The student that we have on work experience got a chance to have a go at first selection with us and we spent yesterday afternoon and this morning selecting which ones to put back in the mud pond. ...
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