Forthcoming events

We hold several event days throughout the year, where we offer you something new and exciting!   Autumn Harvest Weekend – 16th and 17th September 2017 – 10.00 am to 4.00 pm We release some of the Koi that we have been growing on over the summer for sale on this weekend so, if you want first pick,  this is a great time to come. We’ll also have a few bargains and so...
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Visit Us

We are open by appointment all year round. Just email or call 01844 217382 to let us know when you would like to visit and we will do our best to make sure there will be someone here to help you. In addition to this, we are open on Saturdays between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm from April to November without an appointment. You can just turn up anytime ...
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There is a school of thought that says that you can never have too much aeration in a Koi pond but it is not one that I adhere to as once the water is 100% saturated with oxygen there is no point adding more - any further addition of air is a waste of energy and money.  However, aeration is important as it is not only the fish that need to breathe in your pond but also any plan...
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Do you need to quarantine Koi?

To quarantine or not to quarantine, that is the question... The word ‘quarantine’ (which, incidentally, comes from the Latin quarantine, meaning ‘forty days’), is a length of time in which a disease can be incubated, and therefore expressed in an organism. That way, it’s possible to see who does, and doesn’t, carry a specific disease. Traditionally, forty days is the time that ...
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Cuttlebrook Filtration

Cuttlebrook low pressure bead filter
There are many good options available for filtration on the market to suit different kinds of ponds, but if you are good at making things, then you might consider having a go at making your own. In an ideal world, where money was no object, we would have a drum filter on every tank on the farm to provide mechanical filtration, but drum filters are expensive so Mark, resource...
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Caring for your new baby Koi

When you get your Koi home, float them for around 30 minutes (more if your water is considerably warmer) in the unopened bag on the pond before you release them into their new home. Young Koi have immature immune systems and often need greater observation than more mature Koi to spot if they are having health problems or not.  Other than that, provide your Koi with a clean and ...
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A Career in Koi Breeding

This article was first written for and published by Koi Magazine in 2012 The closest thing to breeding Koi would be breeding table or angling carp although the methods used for commercial carp breeding are not the same as those used for breeding Koi.  Whilst damage to a carp bred for the table or the angling lake may not affect its value, damage to a Koi is likely to render it...
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Japan Trip 2011 Part two

We went to Hirasawa first.  This is a MASSIVE place set up in an old Gymnasium with a huge steel frame to the building.  The roof leaked and it was raining so you had to be careful where you stood.  The place was stacked with fish. The larger ones, 60 cm plus, were impressive but the majority were the usual stuff you see at dealers anywhere.  It was reassuring that our fish we...
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Mark’s Japan trip November 2011 – part one

When Mark lived in Japan he worked on Yamazaki Koi Farm which was at the time the largest Koi Farm in the country and located in the south of the country.  After many years of farming Koi in the UK, he decided that the time was right to return to Japan and to visit the north, specifically the Koi breeders of Niigata.  Whilst many dealers host buying trips to Japan, and Mark cou...
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