Shipping our Koi Overseas

We are often asked if we will ship our Koi overseas, and the same answer applies to whichever country you are making the request from.  The country you are in will require you to have a license to import live fish, and you will have to apply to the relevant government department in your country to obtain a license.  (This also applies to Northern Ireland as Ireland has a higher...
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The basic requirements for keeping Koi

When you buy Koi from us you must provide a suitable environment for them.  Here are the basic requirements for keeping Koi: A Koi pond should be at least one metre deep and must have a filter designed to cope with the volume of fish in it. Only use de-chlorinated water to fill up your pond, do water changes or clean the filters.  You can use a dechlorination unit or add an...
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Spawning is underway

2017 Spawning is underway
Spawning is underway at Cuttlebrook.  Here are some of our fry, still in the spawning tank, that have hatched in the last few days.  They are totally transparent at the moment and the most obvious things about them are their eyes and the air bubble in their swim bladders.  These guys will be going out into a mud pond in the next few days where they will have lots of natural foo...
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Welcome to Cuttlebrook Koi Farm

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We breed the finest Koi (Nishikigoi) in the UK and  Koi bred by us have won hundreds of awards for their owners over the years against some of the finest Japanese imported Koi.  We breed a number of varieties of Koi each year and use our many years of experience to select the very best examples for you to choose from at each stage of development. You can buy the Koi we breed di...
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