Champagne Time!

What we do is classed by our local council as agricultural and like any new agricultural business, they granted us permission to site temporary accommodation here whilst we proved to them that our business was viable and sustainable and only when they were satisfied that this was the case, would they grant permanent planning permission.

It hasn’t been easy as the council use an independant agricultural consultant to make this assesment and what we do is fairly unique so they couldn’t refer to their usual manuals and figures. On top of this, they don’t take into account any investment that you make into your business and only look at how much money you take out. Surprised

Striking a balance between growing our business and satisfying the agricultural consultant (who couldn’t even be bothered to pay us a visit!) hasn’t been easy, but we got there in the end. The planning office actually approved our application back in February but it has taken this long to get the agricultural tie sorted out and the final permission couldn’t be granted until the agreement was completed.

We decided that we wouldn’t start to celebrate until we got the piece of paper that said “planning permission granted”!

We’ve got some preparations to make first but hopefully we can start building our new house next Spring – I can’t wait!