Disaster averted

They anticipated it would take half an hour to fix but Mark got the generator out anyway and hooked it up to the airlines in the hot houses. An hour and a half later, Mark rang EDF again and was told the power would be on at 2.00 am then, just to check progress, he rang them at midnight to be told that the ground was too boggy for them to access the power line so they had gone home and would sort it out on Sunday!

Mark then had to set about doing an emergency wiring job to all the tanks in the tosai house and linking up a second generator which just about got all the filters and airlines in all the heated buildings running. It took until 4.30 am before it was all sorted but it was a job well done as the power was off until 3.30 pm on Sunday afternoon.

Once all power was back on he then had to re-do the wiring and clean all the filters which took him until about 7.00 pm.

Thank goodness everything is back to normal today. This the worst time of year for the power to be off for any length of time because we have our entire future in warm water being fed a fair amount of food -fine if the filters are running but with no power then the consequences can be disasterous.

Of course we have a back up generator but it’s a short term solution only. Last year when the electrictiy supply was out for a whole day on several different days, whilst work was being carried out replacing the power line poles, we managed to persuade them to put on a generator to supply not just us but our neighbours too.

This was a bit different though – thank goodness Mark has some experience with electrics otherwise the consequences could have been disasterous!

That’s Koi farming I guess.