Fry Update

Newly hatched fry

Koi Fry

Here they are today – what a change! It won’t be long before they reach first selection size and we will start to harvest them.

You won’t be able to see them very well as it isn’t possible to get so close to them out in the mud ponds but hopefully you can make some of them out.

In the pond

Each fry pond has it’s own natural cycle and this particular pond has an incredible daphnia bloom which the fry are munching on with great enthusiasm. I don’t know if you can make it out in this picture but what you are seeing is a pretty clear pond with a cracked mud base and the brown cloud that stops you seeing that base is a dense cloud of daphnia.

Daphnia in the pond

In this next picture you can see how the daphnia stetches in ribbons across the pond.

Daphina ribbons

The fry are loving it!