Goshiki and Hariwake Tosai

These tosai are on average 6-8 inches (15.5 – 20 cm) in length and have come on really well. Quite a few of these will be available for sale on our Autumn Harvest day on 15th.

Here are a few shots of our some of our favourites which we will be growing on over the winter.


A Goshiki we have featured before, you may notice the difference between these following 2 pictures. It is more obviously a Goshiki now, whereas at third selection (9 weeks old – picture 2) it looked more like a Kohaku.


A few more for you, 2 Goshiki and a Hariwake.


We won’t be harvesting any more ponds now probably until the end of October/beginning of November as we are planning to add more growing on facilities to take these tosai over the winter and they won’t be ready before then.

Fingers crossed it’s not too cold when we have to go back into the mud ponds again!