Happy New Year

It took about three weeks just carting stuff from the old place to the new one but this new house is warm, doesn’t creek in the wind, the taps work properly and the boys have their own rooms now, which they are loving!

We moved into our old home (or “the shed” as we lovingly referred to it!) in December 2000 and predicted that we would probably be living there for eight years. Uncannily it was just a couple of weeks short of eight years and the old homstead did a good job of looking after us but had really reached it’s “use by” date a long time ago. At the moment it is slowly being dismantled so that it can be used again by someone else and should be gone by the end of January – the end of an era.

The breeding season went well this year and the fish grew well. Some of our customers picked up some more awards at shows, which is great, and we have lots of lovely koi growing on in the tosai house for the future.

Looking forward to 2009 our new challenge is to keep our business going in what are difficult times for everybody. It will mean taking a slightly different approach to the way we have worked in the past but our focus will always be simply to breed good quality Nishikigoi and to improve what we do year by year.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us in the past and we hope that we will see lots more of you next year and for many years to come.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year and and the best of health and luck in 2009!

Lisa and Mark