It’s Culling Time!

In the last couple of weeks we have done second cull on the Goshiki and they are coming along nicely. We are looking for good body shape, good skin quality and a good Kohaku pattern at this stage.


Just over a week ago we carried out a second early cull on the Shiro Utsuri. We ended up doing an early first cull on them just because there were so many of them in the pond. This has meant that we kept more at first cull than we might normally do and that as a consequence, second cull has been an early one too. What I mean by early, is that they are a bit smaller on the whole than we would normally cull at but it is necessary because we don’t want the pond to become overstocked as this will affect the development of the fry as a whole. They are coming along really well and whilst the pattern wasn’t much in evidence at first cull, at second cull you can really see it developing with that brilliant white skin coming through.


Last week we harvested the Kikusui/Kujaku fry. Once again, a good survival rate in this pond and so it was important that we harvest them at the earliest opportunity. At first cull we are looking for good metallic. I have taken two pictures, one of the keepers and one of those we rejected.


On Thursday, we harvested the Sanke fry. Yet another bumper harvest which we had to do as soon as possible. With Sanke fry we are looking for a good Kohaku pattern but these fry are so small it’s a real challenge. We could leave them in the pond a bit longer but then the faster growing fry would end up eating the smaller ones. The bigger fry are generally not the most attractive ones and so we would risk losing some of the best fish if we did this. The bad weather has meant that the light this week has been very poor for culling although the lights that Mark rigged up over the top of the culling area made a big difference. There were so many Sanke fry to go through that we have just finished off the last of them today. I don’t have any after selection pictures unfortunately as I just haven’t had time to take any, but I will do some next time round.


We also spawned our Shusui and put the fry out into the mud pond yesterday!

Next week we are carrying out second cull on the Chagoi/Ochiba which should be interesting. Once again there are a few enormous ones in there which no doubt are munching on the smallest ones!

We’ve got another Koi Club Day coming up on 5th August and so will have to start getting ready for that soon too. This is definitely our busiest year yet!