It’s spawning time!

Our two boys pitched in to help clear up after the strimming. (This was a couple of weeks ago and the ponds a much drier now).

Everyone helps

Job done! One down eight to go.

One down!

Yesterday spawning began and so far we have Sanke, Shiro Utsuri, Yamatonishiki and Kujuaku. Of the five sets that we put in to spawn at the same time (in separate spawning tanks) only the Showa are not showing much interest. We will leave them in for another night and if they haven’t gone by tomorrow morning we will probably take them out, clean out the spawning tank and try another set next week. After that we plan to do another four spawnings so things are pretty busy at the moment.

It’s a bit cool at the moment so the eggs and fry will probably develop a little more slowly than they might normally do but hopefully they will be going out in the mud ponds at the end of next week.

We’ve got sooo much to do before the Koi Quest Day next weekend – lots of fish to come out of the tosai and nisai house and go into sales tanks and with well over 1000 fish to sort through that’s a lot of work! Not to mention setting up for the day itself. We’re really looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones – can’t wait!

See you soon!