Koi Club Day August 5th

Gerry, Dave and Louise included!


This was our largest club day to date with five clubs (four coaches and a handful of cars) consisting of East Coast Koi Club, East Penine, Plymouth, Suffolk and North Essex and Wessex and Southern. The weather was fantastic although it was a tad hot for those of us working in the polytunnel 😯

Thanks to some heavy promotion by the guys outside, loads of people took part in the competitions with Sam Nolan from Suffolk and North Essex guessing exactly the right order for the judging competition

Sam Nolan with Mark

and Alan Nobles completing the Treasure Hunt in about 14 minutes and getting all 10 answers right – I don’t think anyone has done that before!

Alan Nobles with Mark

Both competition winners were presented with a £30.00 Cuttlebrook Gift Voucher by Mark.

We were rushed off our feet catching fish and unfortunately I didn’t have time to take the usual pictures, so if anyone out there has some pictures of the day, I’d love to see them!

It was great to see so many people on the day particularly since they had all travelled a long way to get here. There was a lovely atmosphere and everyone seemed to be relaxed and enjoying themselves. Thanks for making the effort to visit guys.

Special thanks, as always, go to the Cuttlebrook Crew which consisted of Gingletiss (Dave), Gerry and Jen, Kayoss (Bob), Koikoi (Steve) and of course Louise and Mark G, not forgetting our newest recruit Adam, from the local school, who now works for us on Saturdays after he came and spent a week doing work experience with us. These events are always great fun to do and it’s great to be a part of such a fun team – thanks guys.