Koi Forum Day 2013

The members of the Koi Carp Magazine “Koi Forum” will be meeting up at Cuttlebrook Koi Farm onSaturday April 27th 2013. This is a special day for forum members to meet up in person for a chat and enjoy an few fun competitions if they like.  It also happens that at this time year the Koi that we have been growing on over the winter will be coming up for sale, so a great opportunity to get in early on some of the fantastic Nishikigoi that will be newly for sale. There will be a free BBQ, paid for by Koi Carp Magazine and also free drinks.  If you want to be there on the day visit the “Koi Talk” section on the “Koi Forum” and add your name to the list on the thread at the top of the page.