Koi Keeping Basics

When you buy Koi from us you must provide a suitable environment for them. Here are the basic requirements:

  • A Koi pond should be at least one metre deep and must have a filter designed to cope with the volume of fish in it.
  • Only use de-chlorinated water to fill up your pond, do water changes or clean the filters.  You can use a dechlorination unit or add an appropriate dechlorinating additive.
  •  Clean your filter every week, all year round.
  •  Change 10% – 20% of the volume of the water in your pond every week, all year round.
  •  Keep the floor of the pond clean at all times. Bad bacteria thrive in dirty ponds.
  • Feed a good quality food to your Koi. The same food all year round is fine, and feed them all year round if they are hungry. If there is uneaten food left floating on the surface of the water, remove it and feed less.
  • Buy a microscope and learn how to use it. A basic student microscope is fine as you can see everything you need to at 100 times magnification.
  • Buy yourself a good Koi health book.
  • Buy a salt meter. Salt is one of the safest things you can add to a pond and it treats several different parasites. Only use salt when necessary and always use a salt meter to control how much.
  • Observe your Koi daily and learn what their normal behaviour looks like. If it changes, they could be feeling unwell.
  • Don’t put medications into your pond unless you know what the problem is that you are treating.
  •  Make sure you know exactly what the volume of water is in your pond. You should not add chemicals to a pond without that information.
  • When you add new fish to your pond, quarantine‎ them first if at all possible. This will reduce the risk of introducing diseases to your pond with your new fish.
  • Don’t add new Koi to a pond unless the current population is fit and healthy.

We are always happy to offer advice – all you need to do is ask – and we can provide you with pretty much everything you need to keep your Koi healthy and happy.