More building work

At the moment the ongoing project for Mark on the farm is upgrading the second polytunnel. This involves raising the floor level, which will make working on the tanks easier, and building a new brood fish tank which we hope to be using by the spring. This is something of an “as and when” project at the moment as it has to fit in with the preparations we need to make for the building of our new house which we hope to start in May. I thought I’d take a few pics to show you what Mark has been up to.

As you can see, the floor level has been raised by quite a bit. (There weren’t any steps before.)

Floor Raised


The space where the new tank is going.

Under Construction

The view from the other end.

The other end!

Those of you who have visited us in recent months will remember the ever changing pile of hardcore at the back of our house which Mark has been levelling off. This is going to be a hard standing area for lorries etc whilst our new house is being built and is nearly complete. The hardcore is provided by a friend who runs a couple of grab lorries and when he gets some clean hardcore, he brings it to us.

A couple of weeks ago he got a job taking away all the block paving that was being ripped up from the car park at a local supermarket and, of course, he brought it here!


The paviors are all in excellent condition and just need to be put onto pallets (a great way for our boys to earn pocket money! 😉 ). So, that’s our paving around the house sorted then!