More Harvest Pictures

Here’s Myles, Mark and Mark Griffiths bringing the net in on No4 pond.

Seine Net

Here is Mark’s favourite Shusui. She is still a Tategoi really and the scales along her dorsal line are still darkening up. She is a really impressive fish and it isn’t often you seen one this good at this size.


Here she is being lifted out of the transport tank by Myles.


This next one is Mark’s favourite Tancho Showa. She is now Sansai and has beautiful skin quality.

Tancho Showa

She also happens to be Myles’s favourite koi so he couldn’t help coming down for a closer look.

Tancho Showa

Something tells me Myles REALLY likes this one!!

Bagged Tancho

We caught just 12 more fish from No4 which just goes to show what a good harvest we had first time round. When we brought the net in we also caught a little visitor which has been sharing the pond for the last couple of weeks. It’s been helping to get rid of some of the fry which were left over when the koi flock spawned in the pond.

This is a Dab Chick or Little Greeb. Quite cute really but not the sort of thing you would want in a fry pond, that’s for sure!


Next we dragged the net through No3 pond again. We got 47 more Nisai out of here and this included my absoute favourite koi at the moment which is a Showa.

Here is Myles lifting her out of the water.


Here she is again coming out of the transport tank.

Showa Close Up

Beautiful! Smile