New Hothouse!

Yesterday we got official notification through that our plans have been approved! This means that next week we can start building. 😀

Our existing hot house is now our Nisai house and the new hot house will be our Tosai house. It is going to be 27 metres long and 5.8 metres wide and the tanks inside will hold 60 cubic metres of water. We will use 3 cubic metres of K1 with the potential to feed 45 kilos of food per day – not that we are going to be doing that, I have to say!

We plan to have the new building finished by mid November and then, of course, we will have to harvest the tosai (6 mud ponds), select through each and every one of them and choose the 2000 we are going to grow on over the winter. (Who said this was the quiet season???!)

Harvesting this late in the season will mean that our tosai will lose some growing time but on the plus side, they will have experienced a bit of winter which is not a bad thing.

Now all we need is a Sansai hot house………

Oh no, hang on a minute we’ll need somewhere permanent to live as well I suppose. 😆