Pond 3 Summer Harvest

Some of them are really growing well and so it was an opportunity to transfer the biggest ones into No4 pond with the older Koi and we also took out just over 100 to go into the sales tanks. We’d actually put about 100 more into No3 pond than we had the previous year, so still more than enough Koi for the Autumn Harvest and beyond.

As it happened, the day we decided to carry out the harvest (Monday) we also had some visitors from Holland, Martin and Janny. Martin was more than happy to lend a hand and duly donned a pair of waders.

It was an opportunity for Mark to inspect the fish as he either put them back over the net to carry on growing or into a bag for me to move to a sales tank or into No4 pond and, in between carrying bags of Koi, I managed to take a few pictures.

I’m sure you’ll see these some of these fish again as they come out in the Autumn harvest too!


In case you were wondering, this is a Cha Ochiba.

Cha Ochiba

And some more Smile


The koi shown below is a Cha Utsuri

Cha Utsuri

Lots of lovely fish!