Sanke Development

Sue Ravenhill popped down last Autumn and saw it in the sales tank and said how much she liked it. Mark agreed with her that he liked it too but that because I wasn’t keen on it, we weren’t growing it on. I was over ruled and it was transferred to the hot house for the winter and then into the mud pond this summer. We have been watching it with great interest all of this time and it is a good example of how Sanke develop over time.

Sue took a picture of it last autumn herself before it went into the hot house and it was posted on another forum to ask people whether they thought it was a Sanke or a Showa. The conclusion at the time, as I remember it is that it would be benched as a Showa if it were entered into a show. We know it to be a Sanke because we bred it!


Also, if you look at the fish in the earlier picture you can see a small bit of sumi on it’s left pectoral fin which stops before it reaches the base of the fin – this indicates that it is a Sanke, despite the black on the head.

A great example of how a koi can develop over time and it is clear that this fish still has a lot to do.