Shipping our Koi Overseas

We are often asked if we will ship our Koi overseas, and the same answer applies to whichever country you are making the request from.  The country you are in will require you to have a license to import live fish, and you will have to apply to the relevant government department in your country to obtain a license.  (This also applies to Northern Ireland as Ireland has a higher disease status than that of the British mainland).  If you are within the EU you will need to check with your government whether health certification is required or not.

The requirements for the following countries can be found using the links provided:

US – United States Department of Agriculture

Sri Lanka –  Department of Animal Production and Health – Sri Lanka

India – Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries

When you have a license/permit, send us a copy of it so that we know that you are importing your Koi through the correct channels. If you do not import your fish in the correct way, they are likely to be rejected at the port of entry and destroyed.

We can arrange for CEFAS, our own government body that oversees disease control, to visit us and issue a health certificate for the fish prior to shipping. This certificate travels with the fish and will be needed as part of your own government requirement when importing fish.  This takes a few days to organise as we have to give notice to CEFAS.

We can take your fish to Heathrow airport where our shipping agent will arrange for shipping to an airport near to you, provided it is a country that they ship to.  If they don’t ship to your country, you will have to find your own shipping agent that imports live fish.  You must then receive your fish at customs and either collect them from the airport yourself or arrange for them to be collected by your own courier and delivered to you.