Shiro Update

Here they are in the mud pond at first harvest in June. As you can see, this was an amazing harvest and it took us a while to go through them all. We harvested them quite small because we didn’t want to risk the pond becoming overstocked. It was a difficult cull to do at that size. I didn’t take close up pictures of these at the time because the keepers all just looked, well …. grey! We put back about 15,000 to grow on which is way more than normal.

First Cull

Here they are close up at second selection on 13 July. This was an early second selection because we had put back so many after first selection and we didn’t want the pond to become over stocked as they grew. The consequence of that was that they were generally smaller than we would normally do second selection at. This time round though, it was possible to see the pattern developing which helped in making the right choice about which to keep and which to reject. We kept 2600 to put back into the pond which is still more than we would normally keep at second selection.

Second Cull

Here they are today, 17 August

2000 in the net in the pond….

Harvest Time

And in an identical bucket to the last time they were photographed except that this one has 1cm measurements on it.

Third Cull

These are already bigger than last year’s Shiro Utsuri spawning were this January!

We’ve put back 900 to carry on growing on in the mud pond although we only did one drag of it today so there will be several hundred more than that when we come to harvest them in the autumn. The growth rate on them is really good and it is nice to see that our slightly different tactic of harvesting earlier has paid off and hasn’t been detrimental to the growth rate of the fish in general.