Shiro Utsuri 2nd Selection

This is the spawning that Bryn has been following as he wanted to be involved right from the start. He helped when the parent set was hand stripped and he also spent some time doing a bit at first selection (sorry no pics)

Bryn helped with second selection too last week. He picked it up really quickly and ended up taking my place! Cliff came along to lend a hand too.

Bryn Selecting

The bowl in front of Bryn is where he puts those he thinks should be grown on until next selection and then when he has finished with his net full, Mark inspects it to make sure he isn’t rejecting any keepers and then inspects the bowl to make sure we won’t be growing on any that we don’t want to. If Bryn has made a poor choice, it is explained why. It didn’t take him long to pick it up though.

Here are some of the keepers.