Shiro Utsuri Sort Through

Bobs Shiro

The Sumi has faded a bit on these guys generally a couple of weeks after we moved them to the tosai house, but it has come back really well. The skin quality on these guys is awesome. They are growing well and maintaining good body shapes.

A few more group shots.


It’s important that we don’t overfeed them in an effort to push them on and then end up blowing their body shape. We sorted through them in order to reduce the numbers to give the better ones the best chance to develop to their full potential.

When we select Shiro Utsuri at this stage, all we are doing is taking out any with any subtle deformities that were so small that we didn’t spot them sooner and also those where the pattern is not balanced, or the sumi is not up to the same standard as we expect.

On those pictured above, they show well developed sumi but you can also spot that there is still some to come through as well.