Shusui Harvest

What we were looking for during first selection was good body shape and good skin. We weren’t looking for any blue pigment at this stage as we knew that it would develop over time, even though most of the fish already had some well developed blue on them. At second cull, however, we found very few of these paler ones which demonstrates how the blue has come through over the weeks since our first selection.

I think Bob and Daisy will agree that after the first few net fulls of fish you begin to recognise very quickly what you are looking for. The obvious keepers stand out and it is good skin quality above everything else which literaly shines through and catches your eye. After that we are looking for a white nose, well defined pattern and an even blue.

Thanks to Bob, Daisy and Gregg for helping with selection and also to Helen and Des for lending a hand (especially for making all those cups of tea Helen!). Oh yes, and a big thank you to Daisy for bringing a box of delicious cakes that she made herself and which we finished today – you can definitely come again Daisy!