Shusui Ochiba and Ginrin Chagoi

We got a good number of well defined Ochiba though which is great and a phenomenal amount of Ginrin Chagoi. We tend to keep the honey coloured ones (like the example of a chagoi in Koi Kichi) as there are just some many of the darker ones that there is just no fun in producing them.

We didn’t keep any plain chagoi this year either (apart from 50 enormous ones; just to see how big we can get them in a year!). The Ginrin Chagoi are all fantastic: when you are grading Chagoi with no shimmies and no deformities, good body shape and fantastic Ginrin the only thing you can select on is size!

I had to disregard more than a 1000 Ginrin Chagoi just because we don’t have the room to grow them all on. I felt like I was doing something wrong the whole time and had to keep reminding myself that we just can’t keep them all!

Anyway, I didn’t take loads of photos of these but here are a few.