Spawning and Harvesting on the same day

We also harvested another pond of Shiro Utsuri today and I should really be sat selecting through them right now but as I am aware that I haven’t posted much lately I thought I’d do a quick update for you.

Last week we harvested Shiro Utsuri and selected through 46,000 fry in two days. This is the same pond that we harvested a couple of weeks ago and took 32,500 fry out of. There are still quite a lot of fry left in this pond so I suspect we will be harvesting it again in a couple of weeks.

After that we harvested one pond of Yamatonishiki. There were a much more manageable number in here at 27,000. It still took a day and half to select through them all though.

Arrgh! It’s 11.50 am – I’d better get selecting or we’ll never get through all these fry!