Thanks To All The Questers

Once again, the Questers got first dibs on those very special koi that we have been growing on over the winter and I see that some of you have been posting pictures of them already on the forums.

It was great that everyone got the opportunity to see all our spawning tanks full of eggs and fry. The last lot of eggs have finished hatching now and the Shiro Utsuri fry started to swim up yesterday too. The hatch rate is looking really good on all of them which means that we will be able to fill all our nursery ponds at once pretty much. We’re going to have our work cut out at first selection time, that’s for sure!

The competitions went well!

The Treasure Hunt was won by mncollyer who received a £30.00 Cuttlebrook voucher.

The Grow and Show from last year had three prizes in the end with Daisy collecting one of Duncan’s books for best growth rate (48 cm) and also Koi Questers Choice for which the prize was a £30.00 Cuttlebrook voucher. I think Daisy’s clever canvassing technique might well have had an influence over that one! Wink The prize for best Grow and Show koi was awarded to Koikoi (Steve) who won one of Duncan’s health kits.

The last competiton, the Judging Competition, had three correct answers and the winner, which was chosen at random from those three, was Koiboy-GreggHarris who won a £30.00 gift voucher. (The two other correct answers were from Bob Hart and B.Scott).

Well done to everyone who won a prize and to everyone who took part in the fun.

It was lovely to see some international visitors – two from the Netherlands (one of them Scott!) and also Diego from Spain. I hope you all had a good journey home.

Once again our thanks go to all the members of the “Cuttlebrook Crew” which just seems to keep growing!

Kayoss (Bob) and Koikoi (Steve) for cooking all of that lovely food.
Sweetkoi (Sarita) for helping with the tea’s (and Richard for taking photographs – I look forward to seeing those!)
Sukoi (Sue) for helping to catch fish (and Colin for yet again acting as our brilliant money man!)
Gerry5 (Gerry) for catching and bagging (and sooo much more in the run up to the event.)
Sadler (Jen) for assisting Colin dealing with the money and looking after the koi creche.
Smartkoi (Dean) for looking after the babies in the second polytunnel – it was warm in there!
Redkoi (Amir) and Boogattee (Chris) for looking after the even smaller babies in the first polytunnel.
Bob Hart, Daisy and Gazza for looking after the competitions and those Shiros.
Thorny (Justin) for catching and bagging loads of lovely tosai.

And everyone else who pitched in to make it a very special day – especially the dozen or so people who stayed and helped to take down the gazebo’s and the marquee at the end, including Herbie and Diego. Boy, that marquee would have been airborne if we hadn’t all be hanging on for dear life!

I hope I haven’t missed anyone!

Lastly, thanks to everyone who just turned up and helped to make it another brilliant Koi Quest Day!