Tosai Harvest – Sanke, Chagoi / Ochiba

Both spawnings had a great survival rate and there was such a big difference in size between the smallest and the largest that we decided, after second selection, to separate them into ponds with fish of a similar size, rather than putting all the keepers back into the pond they had just come from.

No5 pond is our largest fry pond and as you’ll see, Ace always takes a keen interest!


Despite being some of the smallest Chagoi/Ochiba that we put back to grow on, they are a good size and the Sanke have done well too. 🙂

We have already selected which ones we are going to grow on and which will be made available for sale. There were a few Cha Utsuri amongst them too which is always a bonus. The keepers have gone into the Tosai house and will stay there now for the winter.