This particular tank contains Showa, Sanke, Kohaku and Shiro Utsuri along with a few Chagoi and are amongst the largest tosai that we currently have growing on.

Here are some interesting comparisons for you. The first Showa shows good promise – it has a good basic body shape and the depth of black (sumi) is good. It has three colours on the face and more sumi to come through, particularly in the large white area on one side. The Shiroji is bright and the hi is what we would expect on a tosai of this age. The second is a much more eye catching fish although the sumi is not as well developed as the other Showa pictured.


These other two Showa are quite promising and have promising body shapes for young fish, good skin, good contrast of colours and balanced pattern.


The three Shiro Utsuri below all have great shiroji (white) and the sumi is looking good. The first probably has the most finished pattern whilst the other two still have more to come through. The body shapes on the first two are quite slim which is pretty typical of Koi of this size but the third has a much fuller body – perhaps a little too full for a Koi of this age although it could be something to do with the camera angle. The motoguru on all these three Shiro’s covers the whole of the pectoral fins but in our experience, this is likely to recede as the Koi grows and turn into perfect motoguru. Remember, Shiro Utsuri are seen in the negative, ie the white ground is viewed as the red ground would be viewed on a Kohaku.


This Kohaku has great Shiroji, white pectoral fins and dorsal fin and it is nicely proportioned. All these Koi are a bit small to be too certain of their future. If breeders could tell for sure at this age exactly how koi were going to develop, we wouldn’t need to keep so many!!

Kohaku 23 cm


I just love this last picture! There has been some discussion in the past about whether Showa always have black in the mouth or not, well this is without a doubt a Showa, as you can see, and the second picture, of the same fish, is not only a good example of a desirable body shape on a young Koi but shows that it doesn’t have any black in its mouth!

Showa 18 cm


No black in the mouth!

No Black!

As always, these are just a selection of the pictures, which came out best, of some of the Koi that we have growing on in our tosai house. As you can see they are progressing well.