Yamatonishiki second harvest

It was mostly Yamatonishiki in this pond but since first selection was carried out we have added some Shiro Utsuri and Sanke to it too that were of a similar size. Quite an interesting mix of Koi to select through!

Here they are in the net in the pond before being put into the transport tank.

Yamatonishiki after harvest

This is a close up of them in the transport tank before second selection has taken place.

A close up

For those of you not familiar with Yamatonishiki, this is what they look like at second selection

Yamatonishiki at second selection

These Koi are Doitsu and are basically metallic Sanke. They are a white fish with yellow and black markings and what would be red (or orange) on a Sanke becomes yellow on the Yamatonishiki.

Other than that, they develop pretty much in the same way as Sanke do, so lots of black when they are younger. When you breed Yamatonishiki you also get other recognised varieties such as Gin Bekko

Gin Bekko

and Kin Bekko

Kin Bekko

We also get Kikusui, Yamabuki Ogon and Purachina from this cross.

Very pretty fish and very popular!