Burtons BD-150 Combi Pond Drum Filter

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    • 60 micron screen

    • 15,000 ltr flowrate

    • 3 x 110mm inlets

    • 3 x 110mm outlets

    • Can have UVs fitted inside

    • Low energy consumption


  • Our Combi drum is the perfect companion for any quarantine system or small pond (up to 3000 gallons).

  • With its 150mm long mesh Screen and maximum flowrate of 15,000 lph.

  • It houses all the same technology as its bigger brothers but has a built in Bio-Chamber suitable for up to 80lts of Fluidised Media or any other biological Media that is preferred for example Jap-Mat or Ceramic Media.

  • As standard in the Burtons range, these drums come with a 60 micron screen, and a weather proof auto control box, in which you can wire in and control both your UV’s and your pumps.

  • These drums feature 3 x 110mm inlets and 3 x 110mm outlets.