Burtons TF-700 Pond Drum Through-Flow Filter

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  •  60 micron screen

  • 75,000 ltr flowrate

  • 6 x 110mm inlets (3 on front and 3 on back of unit)4 x 110mm outlets (2 on either side)

  • Can have UVs fitted inside

  • Low energy consumption

  • As standard in the Burtons range, these drums come with a 60 micron screen, and a weather proof auto control box, in which you can wire in and control both your UV’s and your water pumps.

  • These drums feature 6 x 110mm inlets and 4 x 110mm outlets.

  • This drum filter is fitted with a cover switch, which cuts power to the motor (and UV’s if wired in directly) when the cover is lifted off.

  • Our drum range is suitable for both pump fed and gravity fed systems.

  • Installation height above water level is 25cm.

  • Suitable for flow rates up to 75,000lph

  • Low energy consumption 1.3watts in standby mode and 200 watts when cleaning.

  • Dimensions (WHL) 658 x 740 x 1128 (MM).