OASE ProfiClear Premium Compact - Gravity Fed (EGC 2017 Version)

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The new generation compact drum filter of the ProfiClear Premium series is the more cost-effective alternative for bodies of water up to 80 m³. The compact module filter system is ideal for small koi ponds. Leading koi experts confirm the optimal suitability of the ProfiClear Premium Compact. They were consulted in the development of the series. In the pumped principle the maximum water flow through the filter is 12,500 litres per hour. In the gravitation principle the maximum water flow through the filter is 16,500 litres per hour. With this fully self-cleaning drum filter unit the moving bed system generates optimal water movement and cleaning. Deep-bed filtration of up to 80 microns and a new Hel-X 13 filter medium with a protected surface that has been enlarged by 14.5% relative to the predecessor product, ensure the high separation capacity.

  • Compact and self-cleaning drum filter unit for ponds up to 80 m³

  • Koi Ponds up to 20m³ / Fish Ponds up to 40m³ / Ornamental Ponds up to 80m³

  • Inexpensive alternative for smaller ponds, particularly koi ponds

  • Available in the pump-fed principle and in the gravity-fed principle

  • Max flow rate: 16,500 l/h

  • With the Moving Bed System for optimal water movement and cleaning of the water

  • High separating capacity through deep-bed filtration of up to 80 microns

  • New Hel-X 13 with significantly enlarged surface for effective decomposition of nutrients and pollutants

  • Lower installation height also enables gravity-fed systems where space is limited

  • New pump chamber for combination with Bitron Gravity UVC clarifier. Also compatible with ProfiClear Classic modules

  • Optional Proficlear Classic Pump Chamber

  • Recommended Pump:  Aquamax Gravity Eco 10000