OASE ProMax Rain 4000

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For the smaller irrigation tasks - ProMax Rain – rain barrel pump


You can easily connect a hose to this pump, sit it in your rain barrel and water the garden.  A stainless steel mesh stops particles above 0.3 mm getting sucked up and blocking the pump, hose or fittings and it's powerful 1.2 bar gives you mains water pressure.


“A cool head”

• Optimal thermal dissipation even at a low water level because the motor is in the water flow


Easy commissioning


Provided connection pieces and a kink protection element for a ½" hose enable fast and easy installation


Fine stainless steel mesh to stop debris


Low-wear filter grille with incorporated fine stainless steel mesh protects the line, garden shower, and similar attachments from clogging


Thanks to the bayonet closure, backwashing is easy


Specifications for the OASE ProMax Rain 4000



    • Flow rate – Q max. 4,000 l/h


    • Delivery head – H max. 12 m


    • Pressure – max. 1.2 bar


    • Power consumption 370 W


    • Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz


    • Guarantee* P. 2 years


    • Immersion depth – max. 7 m


    • Grain size – max. 0.3 mm


    • Automatic function - Float switch


    • Pump outlet 1" (33.3 mm)


    • Power cable length 10 m


    • Protection class IP X8


    • Net weight 4.5 kg



Dimensions (L x W x H) 177 x 167 x 317 mm