OASE ProMax Rain 4000

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Key Features


  • "A cool head": Optimal thermal dissipation even at low water level thanks to the design that ensures water flows around the motor housing
  • Easy operation: Provided connection pieces and a kink protection element for a 1/2" hose to enable fast and easy installation
  • No debris particles in the hose system: Low-wear filter grille with incorporated fine stainless steel mesh protects the hose, garden shower, and similar attachments from clogging. Thanks to the bayonet closure, simply back-flush


  • EASY TO CONNECT: Pressure nozzle on the top with a 1" external thread
  • COOLING FUNCTION: The design of the pump ensures that the motor can be flushed with water even at low water levels
  • ROBUST & RELIABLE: Automatically switches on and off by means of a float switch
  • EASY TO CARRY: Ergonomically designed handle
  • HIGH PRESSURE: The special channel-type impeller enables a high water pressure, making it perfect for irrigation
  • INCLUDED: The scope of delivery includes hose kink protection, which is also useful for mounting a ½" hose onto the edge of the rainwater barrel
  • WELL-DESIGNED: Simple suspension at the handle
  • EFFECTIVELY TRAPS PARTICLES: The fine filter sieve prevents the intake of dirt particles and consequently avoids lines and pouring units from becoming clogged
  • Effective particle entrapment: A fine filter screen prevents intake of debris, particles and clogging of lines and watering devices
  • Water cooling: The pump design ensures that water flows around the motor, even at low water levels
  • Powerful pressure: The special channel-type impeller enables high water pressure, ideal for watering
  • Robust and reliable: Automatic pump switch-on and switch-off through the float switch
  • Kink protection and hose holder: The scope of delivery includes a hose kink protection, which also offers a good fastening option for a ½" hose at the edge of the rain drum
  • Comfortable handling: Ergonomic handle
  • Easy connection installation: Pressure port on top with 1" male thread
  • Well-designed handle: Easy suspension of the pump