OASE Vitronic

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Key Features


  • Clear pond water thanks to UVC radiation 
  • Highly effective against floating algae, bacteria and germs 
  • Can be combined with almost all commercially available filters 
  • Clear pond water via UVC clarification
  • Highly effective against suspended algae, bacteria and germs
  • Can be combined with almost all off the shelf filters


  • Elimination of suspended algae (green water)
  • Reduction of harmful bacteria and pathogen level
  • Visual function check of the UVC bulb
  • Quick release for easy bulb change and cleaning of the quartz glass
  • Direct installation on the BioSmart filter (only Vitronic 18-36 W)
  • High quality workmanship with impact resistant plastic housing
  • Easy installation thanks to an extensive range of connection accessories
  • Incl. high quality UVC bulb
  • 100% protection against eye damage