Pond Calculators

Knowing the size of your pond is crucial before adding medication to treat your Koi fish, as the correct dosage is dependent on the volume of water in the pond. Improper dosing can lead to harm or even death of your fish, as well as negatively impact the pond's ecosystem. Accurately measuring the size of your pond ensures the safe and effective treatment of your Koi.
Pond Calculators


A Range Of Varieties

We breed a number of varieties of Koi each year and use our many years of experience to select the very best.

Hundreds Of Awards

We breed the finest Koi (Nishikigoi) in the UK and have won hundreds of awards for their owners over the years.

Online Or In-Person

You can buy the Koi we breed direct from us by visiting our farm in Oxfordshire, or you can order online.
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