At Cuttlebrook Koi Farm we are a close knit team. All of us are involved in a wide range of jobs on the farm. Every week is different to the next, which certainly keeps us on our toes! 

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- Diploma in Fishery Management from Sparsholt College (1983-85)
- 1986 Worked in Japan at Kamihata Fish Industries (Hikari) learning breeding, rearing and selection of Koi
- 1987-1989 Worked at Brit Koi and Kent Koi
- Was one of the main contributors to the Interpet Encyclopedia of Koi
- 1996 Started Mark Davis Water Gardens. Went on to win 5 RHS Gold Awards and 1 Best in Show. 
- Has been farming Koi in England since 1989
- Has written various magazine articles, given talks to Koi Clubs and guest lectures at Sparsholt College

Overall responsibilities and day to day duties

- Managing and delivering our breeding programme
- Selection of all production on the farm
- System design, construction and maintenance
- Grounds and mud pond construction and maintenance
- Quality control 
- Dealing with customer appointments and collections

How you became interested in Koi
While I was a student at Sparsholt, I was carrying out work experience at a carp farm in France and saw my first Koi. I also attended a lecture by the President of the British Koi Keepers Society. 

Favourite variety of Koi
Showa and Sanke 

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- Worked in IT business to business sales and marketing before starting Cuttlebrook Koi Farm with Mark
- Over the years I've been involved with pretty much all aspects of running the farm, including harvesting mud ponds and selecting Koi fry! 

Overall responsibilities and day to day duties
- Oversight of all office based roles and functions
- Finance
- Legal issues
- Staffing and employment
- Compliance
- Dealing with general enquiries via telephone and email
- Liaising with customers regarding orders
- Dealing with unusual issues arising that do not fall within anyone else's remit

How you became interested in Koi
I met Mark and was hooked from then on! 

Favourite variety of Koi

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General Manager 

- BSc (Hons) Aquaculture and Fishery Management (First Class) from Sparsholt College
- Published scientific author in the field of live food: Norley, S. E., & Love, A. (2020). The effect of Virkon® aquatic on the bacterial count of Artemia cultures. Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research
- Written articles for Koi magazines  
- Worked in the aquatic industry since 2010
- Extensive experience in fish health and water quality
- Worked at Cuttlebrook Koi Farm since 2014

Overall responsibilities and day to day duties
- Looking after and ensuring the optimum health of all the Koi in our RAS systems (Recirculation Aquaculture Systems) 
- Marketing, promotion and sales strategies, social media management 
- Managing online selling platforms
- Photographing and videoing Koi for sale 
- Dealing with customer appointment, collections and shipments

How you became interested in Koi

I never had much interest or dealings with Koi until I came to CKF on work placement in 2014. After that I was hooked! I first got into fish keeping after winning a goldfish at the fair, I've since gone on to keep Discus and Marine fish.

Favourite variety of Koi
Either Showa or Doitsu Karashigoi, hard to pick between them.

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Operations Manager

- Worked in Field Marketing for 14 years within the operations team, then moved on to become a Senior Project Executive
- Many years experience working on financial budgets, analysing data and producing reports for manufacturers and tech companies
- Joined Cuttlebrook Koi Farm in 2021

Overall responsibilities and day to day duties
- Sales and office administration
- Assisting customers with their enquires via phone and email
- Preparing all paperwork for fish shipments
- Assisting the team with packing fish shipments and ensuring all Koi arrive safely the following day
- Assisting with Koi food and dry goods packing for next day delivery

How you became interested in Koi
Before joining CKF I had no experience of Koi. Due to COVID, I found myself looking for a new job in May 2021. Joining CKF was like joining a new family and I have not looked back. I am fascinated by the Koi breeding process and love seeing the Koi develop.

Favourite variety of Koi

Hi Utsuri

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Farm Worker

- Level 3 Diploma in Fishery Studies from Sparsholt College
- Worked on commercial Koi farms since 2017
- Worked on a Koi farm in the USA
- Joined Cuttlebrook Koi Farm in 2021

Overall responsibilities and day to day duties
- Maintaining all our RAS systems
- Harvesting, grading, selecting, and packing Koi for shipments
- Farm maintenance such as strimming and de-weeding ponds
- Involved in any farm building/construction

How you became interested in Koi
I always had a passion for carp from a young age. This came from my love of fishing, and I always wanted to become a carp farmer. Because of this I put myself through Sparsholt College. When I started college, I hated Koi! But after I finished I worked on a restocking farm which also sold Koi. It was only then I picked up a passion for Koi after doing my first spawning and saw thousands of little eyes looking back at me! I was amazed hereafter and since my love and knowledge for Koi has grown exponentially. 

Favourite variety of Koi

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Miniature Schnauzers

- Suki joined the farm in 2016
- Aijo joined the farm in 2018

Overall responsibilities and day to day duties
- Cuddles
- Meeting and greeting customers
- Putting muddy paw prints everywhere
- Chasing squirrels away
- Standing in wet cement (seasonal work)

How you became interested in Koi
Who said we were interested in the Koi?

Favourite variety of Koi
Bonios > Benigoi

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