Koi Delivery Service

Can you really send a Koi by courier?

You can! We ship tens of thousands of Koi each year all over the country. They are transported by a specialist live fish courier, who provide fast, secure and reliable delivery of your Koi. This ensures your Koi are handled with the utmost care during their travel. 

Is it safe for the fish?

Yes. The majority of Koi sold in the UK have travelled here from abroad (unlike ours which were bred here). They can safely travel from Japan to the UK, so in comparison travelling from our farm in Oxfordshire to your front door is a walk in the park for them!

How long do the Koi spend in a bag?

Your Koi is packed on the farm between 2-3pm, and will arrive with you between 7am - 2pm the next day. So they will be in the bag for a maximum of 24 hours, or even as little as 16 hours. We add enough clean water and pure oxygen to last twice the required time to get to your door. So even in the highly unlikely event your box was delayed, there is no need to panic. To put this into perspective, a Koi being shipped back from Japan is likely to spend on average 36 hours in a bag!

How are they packaged?

Your Koi are transported in thick plastic bags (doubled up to be extra safe), filled with clean water and pure oxygen. These bags are then fully protected with foam insulation inside a strong double walled cardboard box. 

How much does it cost?

Just £29.95 per delivery, for as many Koi as you want. This can be just 1 large Koi, or it can be thousands of tiny Fry. Regardless of how many boxes it is, we'll only charge you the £29.95 fee. 

What days can you deliver to me?

Our delivery days are Wednesday and Friday. Deliveries are scheduled to arrive between 7am and 2pm. Due to the specialist licencing required to ship livestock, deliveries can not be made at a weekend. 

This service is available in England, Scotland and Wales mainland excluding some postcodes in England and Scotland where the option of delivery by 2pm the day following shipping is not available. We can not ship to the following areas; Scotland AB30-AB34, AB39, AB41-AB45, AB51-AB53, DD8-DD10, DG3-DG9, DG12-DG14, FK17, KA18-KA19, KA26, KA29-KA30, PH3-PH16, TD9 (0 only), Scottish Highlands, all offshore Islands. Wales LL35-LL48. Northern Ireland. We do not ship Koi outside of the British mainland.

Do I have to sign for the delivery?

You do. Someone has to be at the address to sign for the delivery. The driver is not allowed to leave your box in a safe place. 

Your Delivery Timeline

Pre Delivery

We will contact you via email to arrange your delivery date. We will not ship to you until you have confirmed this. You will be sent another email with tracking details for your delivery the day before your Koi are due to arrive.  

Delivery Day

Your delivery is scheduled to arrive between 7am and 2pm. You can track your driver, and get a 2 hour delivery window. Our dedicated customer support team will track your delivery every step of the way. If you have a question about your delivery, or any issues, we are simply a phone call away.

Post Delivery

Happy customers and happy Koi are our top priority. We'll send you a follow up email a few days after your Koi have arrived to check how they are settling in. We provide care leaflets and useful information in the box with your Koi, but if you have any further questions, we encourage you to give us a call. 


Boxes of Koi sent in 2023

Tens Of Thousands

Koi shipped all over the country in 2023

Hundreds Of Thousands

Koi bred on the farm in 2023

Still unsure about getting your Koi delivered?

Feel free to give our friendly team a call to talk through any concerns you have. The office number on the farm is: 01844 217382

A Range Of Varieties

We breed a number of varieties of Koi each year and use our many years of experience to select the very best.

Hundreds Of Awards

We breed the finest Koi (Nishikigoi) in the UK and have won hundreds of awards for their owners over the years.

Online Or In-Person

You can buy the Koi we breed direct from us by visiting our farm in Oxfordshire, or you can order online.
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