Aqua-Sed is based on the tried and tested active ingredient 2-phenoxyethanol, and it comes in a 250ml bottle with an easy-to-use measuring pump. It's a liquid with a very wide safety margin and has been used for anaesthetising fish for many years (reports go back to 1943). Please note that any anaesthetic a carries a risk, sometimes because the fish may have an unknown/undiagnosed problem which may cause an issue. For this reason we do not suggest the routine use of anaesthesia of koi carp for a general check-up.


How to use/dosage

The dose is dependent on water volume, not on fish size. Do not put Aqua-Sed™ into the main pond or tank, it is for use in small volumes once fish are captured. Using the pump, measure the required amount into water (1 pump/litre) into a suitably sized anaesthetic container. Gently mix the slightly oily liquid into the water. Transfer the fish into this solution and observe carefully. Some initial excitement is normal in some species. The fish itself pumps the drug across its gills, administering the dose until effective. Observe the fish throughout and remove the fish when it is suitably anaesthetised for the procedure. As a general guide, gill cover movements should be slowed but not completely stopped. Following the procedure return the fish to untreated water for recovery.


Q. What temperature should the water be when using Aqua-Sed?
A. Aqua-Sed will work in water of all temperatures and there is no minimum temperature it can be used at. At lower temperatures it will take longer to take effect, so please be aware of this.


Q. How should I store Aqua-Sed?
A. Aqua-Sed should be stored at room temperature to prevent the liquid from becoming too thick to mix with the water.    


Q. Can I use Aqua-Sed to sedate amphibians?
A. Yes, you can use Aqua-Sed to sedate amphibians at the same dosage as stated for fish, However great care should be taken and under veterinary supervision as the process will take effect much quicker due to the product being absorbed through the skin.


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