Fluke-Solve PLUS 100g


Fluke-Solve PLUS 100g


100g pack - suitable for treating 25,000L (5,500 gallons)

Fluke-Solve Plus® has been specially developed to target resistant flukes in fish.

  • Contains active ingredients praziquantel, nitroscanate and emamectin benzoate for rapid dissolving and dispersion
  • Suitable for both freshwater systems
  • Safe with biofilters and plants
  • For use in ponds containing koi carp exclusively. Can be harmful to Sturgeon and Goldfish. 

Extensive research has resulted in the creation of Fluke-Solve Plus®, a specially developed product for the treatment of the resistant flukes which are now causing serious problems in koi.

Fluke-Solve Plus® uses a combination of the proven technology of Fluke-Solve® (praziquantel) with new active ingredients (nitroscanate and emamectin benzoate). The special formulation of praziquantel, which easily and rapidly dissolves in ponds and tanks, combined with nitroscanate and emamectin benzoate, means you can see it dispersing through the water as soon as you add it to your pond or tank. 

It is suitable for both freshwater and marine systems, including in the presence of salt when added as a therapeutic. Fish can be fed normally during treatment.  Fluke-Solve Plus® is safe with biofilters and plants.

How to use/dosage 

Use at a rate of 4g powder per 1,000 litres (220 gallons) of pond or tank water. Simply take a clean container of the pond or tank water and add the required dosage of Fluke-Solve Plus® to it, then stir. Immediately add this stock solution to the pond or tank, and then rinse out the container with the pond or tank water and add that as well. If necessary, a separate tank can be used to treat the fish for a treatment period of at least 48 hours. Turn the UV off for 7 days post treatment. 

Take care to turn off skimmers while it is in use since they will remove the praziquantel from the water, as will modern filtration systems which use carbon derivatives or other adsorbent materials and some drum filter technologies. 

In the case of some rare resistant egg-laying flukes repeat the initial dose after 3 weeks to ensure the active ingredients are in the water long enough to kill any hatching fluke larvae and break the cycle of infection.

Further InformationKeep out of the reach of children

•    This Veterinary Medicine is marketed in accordance with the Small Animal Exemption Scheme

•    Store in the original sachet in a cool dry place

•    After the sachet has been opened, reseal, and the remaining contents will keep until the expiry date on the label

•    Do not use at the same time as any other treatment

•    For use in fish in closed water systems

•    For use in ponds containing koi carp exclusively. 

•    Do not use in animals or fish other than those indicated. Serious reactions, including deaths, have been reported in dogs (especially Collies, Old English Sheepdogs and related breeds), tortoises and turtles treated with products containing related active substances. 

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