JUMBO Koi Fry (1.5"-2")

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**SOLD OUT FOR 2020**

New stock expected mid July 2021


These JUMBO fry are the faster growing fry, that have been selected out due to their fast growth. They are up to TWICE the size of our normal fry, at the same age!




Fry have been acclimatised from the mud ponds, however, we advise you salt the tank/pond where you put the fry to 0.75%. They need a suitable tank or pond away from larger fish, good filtration and water quality is essential.  Fry are delicate and will not cope with poor water parameters so please ensure you have adequate filtration systems to cope. Once you have received delivery or collected, it is your responsibility to provide a good quality environment big enough for these to grow on.

Koi are measured from the tip of their nose to the end of the tail. Please note sizing of fry is approximate. 


Overnight delivery is available via APC Overnight courier (+£25). Fish are scheduled to arrive before 12:00, and you MUST be in to sign for the fish. Delivery days are usually Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. 



Due to COVID-19, we are only open for click and collect at pre arranged times. 


Fry Food:

Our koi fry food comes in a resealable tub. Food size will be appropriate to the koi fry you are buying.

Are you crushing up your food to feed to your Koi fry? Do you know the impacts this will have?

Feeding your fry crushed up food (even “high protein” diets), can have a detrimental impact on the growth of your Koi fry. Most commonly used feeds on the market contain around 33-40% protein, however, this is inadequate for the needs of developing fry, regularly leading to bent spines, tails, curled out gill covers and incorrectly developed fins.

Our fry food, which we use each year to raise around 500,000 fry, contains 56% protein. Not only does this specific fry food have a higher protein content, it also has higher vitamin and mineral levels to aid the fry in bone development.

To avoid any development issues, a high-quality fry food is a must! We advise feeding this diet until the fish are at least 2” inches. Even after this stage, a high-quality diet of at least 40% protein is still required to ensure the best growth and development from your fish.