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If you have a Nexus 200 or 210 or a Nexus 300 or 310 manufactured after 2006 you can use the Nexus Upgrade Kits on this web page to convert your Eazy to the new Eazy holding K1 Micro, that is supplied with he latest generation Nexus 220 and 320 filters.



The Type 3 Nexus Upgrade Kit

To check if this Type 3 Nexus Upgrade Kit is compatible with your Nexus please read the following information below.

All upgrade kits can be specified for Nexus 200 / 210 or 300 / 310 models.

If this is not the correct upgrade kit, you may need the upgrade kits for Nexus 200 or 300 manufactured before 2006. This will be the upgrade kit that converts the sponges or Answer filter to a first generation EAZY mechanical filter with K1 Media.


The Type 3 Upgrade Kit comes with:

- New EAZY mechanical filter

- Supplied with K1 Micro in place in the centre of the Eazy.

- 18 Litres K1 Micro are supplied in a 220 EAZY

- 20 Litres K1 Micro supplied in a 320 EAZY

- The EAZY also has the centre column, air ring and airline, clear lid.

- Eazy cleaning pipe

- Spare screws

- Cleaning Instructions